About us

The International Convention Center for Cultural Heritage Preservation sees its role in education. It was founded to share the knowledge of historical artifacts and in particular of how to safeguard them for future generations.

To be able to protect historical buildings and other artefacts against potential decay, the causes of typical damage must first be investigated and understood. Further research then sets out to develop methods to stop the decay and to preserve listed buildings, artefacts or other cultural heritage in line with existing regulations.
This task requires scientists of different disciplines to work together closely with the crafts. The IZKK offers a platform for science and craft to come together and consolidate their efforts in cultural heritage preservation.  

To foster this creative exchange, it provides the background for training and information on suitable methods and measures to preserve different kinds of materials. Its target group includes architects, technicians, master craftsmen, artists, curators, and other professionals whose work involves the preservation of cultural heritage. On a scientific level, an intensive dialog is sought and fostered with experts from universities, research institutes, museums, etc.